Tour1 - Our School - 49th Highschool of Athens

The educational system in Greece

Nursery School (1 year, 5-6 years old, obligatory education)
Primary School (6 years, 6-12 years old, obligatory education)
Junior High School (3 years, 12-15 years old, obligatory education)
High School or Technical High School(3 years, 15-18 years old, no obligatory education)
University (4 years) or Technical University (5 years) or Polytechnic (3 years) or Technical – business college (1-2 years)

Our School – 49th Junior High School of Athens

The history of our School

The 49th junior high school of Athens was established in 1978 and until the 80s operated in the facilities of a small technical school named “Hephestus” a few blocks from its present location. Then it moved in its current building where for a number of years it coexisted with the 49th High School (Lyceum, in Greek) and for this reason it operated in an alternating shift mode, one week morning and one week afternoon. After a while the High School at last acquired its own building and our Junior High had at last its own facilities.
The building of our school, is relatively modern, and well-kept, but with some certain constructional problems. As an example, initially there was no provision for either Laboratories (Information technology - Technology and Physics-chemistry) or classrooms for Foreign Languages or a School Library.
The school is near the centre of Athens (10 min by the underground). The number of the students during all the years of operation of the school has been varied. There has been a period when the school had more than 300 students and there has also been a period that had less than 170 students.
Current status
In our school there are nine groups of students, three in the first grade, three in the second grade and three in the third grade. English, French and German are the foreign languages taught. Students also learn Informatics (since 2002) and Technology. There are laboratories for physics- chemistry and for the Informatics class. The number of students for this school year is 198. In our school there are 26 teachers teaching different kinds of lessons. The stuff of the school includes also the secretary, the four guards, the person responsible for the canteen and the cleaner.

Outdoor - Courtyard - Corridors

The children have some space where they play basketball or football and spend time during the breaks. However, there are a lot of things that we do not have such as benches and plants. The corridors are external because of the fact that in Greece most of the days in winter are sunny.

Corridors – Break time

During the break the students have to get out of their classrooms and go to the courtyard. When the students go to the courtyard, only the supervising teachers and one monitoring student from each class are allowed to stay at the corridors.

Back courtyard - Canteen

At the back of the building there is the canteen of the school where Mr. George always assists us!!! There is a small courtyard at the back, but with only few trees...

Teachers’ office – Deputy headmaster’s office

All teachers’ desks are in the same room like the picture above shows.– In the deputy headmaster’s office there is also the secretary of the school.

Multi-purpose room

This is the room where special events take place but also a class for the German lesson... Unfortunately, it is a small room and when we have a special event there is not enough room for all the students.

Physics laboratory

This is a classroom in the basement used for the physics and chemistry lesson. It is not well equipped and we cannot conduct experiments. It is also a multi-purpose classroom for lessons like English and German because our school is small and we do not have enough classrooms.

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